Here is this week’s battle of the Dennis and Judi cuties. Each week we will feature two Dennis and Judi cuties and you will determine the winner! This week has Denise from Robbinsville against Nicole in Sewell.First up is Denise in Robbinsville:


I am a 51 year old mom of an older teenage girl and a 6 year old boy. Love to travel, entertain and be entertained. Give an older woman a chance...we just get better!! :)

Here is Denise's competition, Nicole in Sewell:


I am a 35 year old eye doctor from South Jersey. I love my work and my patients! My first job however is being the best mommy I can to my two girls. I have an amazing family (husband, kids, and mom)and I enjoy doing just about everything with them. Other than that my next favorite past time is listening to the Dennis and Judi Show!


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