Democrats aren't happy about the relationship between Governor Chris Christie and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. 


Mark Zuckerberg (Justin Sullivan, Getty Images)

One New Jersey wants to shine a light on those elected officials who act against the best interests of New Jersey’s residents. An email sent out today asks people to spread the word virally tomorrow to ask Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to #UnfriendChristie.

Zuckerberg is hosting a $3,800 a person fundraiser for Christie in California on February 13. The email said, “Perhaps Zuckerberg only knows about Christie from his carefully cultivated national image.  We must speak up loudly about how Christie has turned his back on the middle-class and working families, while unemployment hovers around 10% and New Jersey residents suffered a gigantic net jump in property taxes since Christie took office – at one point reaching 20%.”