Today, the full Assembly passed 22 gun control bills. Democrats insist the legislation is needed to keep the public safe, but Republicans accuse their counterparts across the political aisle of rushing through knee-jerk bills without giving the issue the thought it deserves.

This image shows the firearms collected at a gun buyback in NJ. (David Matthau, Townsquare Media)

“We have some of the best guns laws in the country, but we also know we’ve got some things we can tighten up and that’s all the Assembly is seeking to do today,” explains Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, a Democrat. “We are not seeking to prohibit law abiding citizens from purchasing, owning or utilizing their guns.”

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick says Democrats are trying to fast-track measures in response to tragedies like the school massacre in Newton, Connecticut. He calls that unfortunate. Bramnick thinks serious attempts should be made to address violence in society.

“The Democrats in New Jersey have decided to rush through legislation,” explains Bramnick. “It’s drafted poorly and doesn’t begin to address the problems that we’ve seen across the nation.”

The bills include measures to ban the sale of high capacity gun magazines, create gun-free school zones and require that all ammunition sales are done face-to-face.