As expected, after a short flurry of political flimflammery, the election came and went, leaving no observable change in the New Jersey political landscape in its wake. If anything, the state government is an even deeper blue. Like many voters,

I found myself in a newly Gerrymandered district, a fact only revealed to me when I got the sample ballot. Blindsided, I knew little about the candidates. This re-districting handed state government to the Democrats on a platter. Incumbents are practically guaranteed their seats for at least the next ten years. Until the next census The Democratic-Public Union coalition will be ensconced in the catbird seat, a nest that will be jammed to overflowing with interests determined to hang on to the disfunctional status quo. I laughed when I read that a Democratic Senator had crowed. "we stood strong! We stood firm! and today were standing in victory!" The fact is, there was no way they could have lost. The Republicans saw to that when they threw in the towell during redistricting. Thus emboldened, the Labor Party will spend its strength blocking and frustrating every attempt by Governor Christie's at reform, fiscal and educational. So, to the victors go the spoils. For the rest of us, does the acronym B.O.H.I.C.A. ring a bell?