You know how sometimes you have an idea for a product or maybe a business plan, but you have no financial means to pursue it? For example, an old friend thought of the colored strips on disposable razors that fade to white after so many uses to tell you it's time to throw it out. This was years before they came out with them.

Then there's our own Joe V, whose idea was a business model for a small bar/club. It would be called The Mini Bar, and everything in it would be in miniature, like food items would be all appetizers with no entrees, drinks would be all shots, and the kicker is all the servers would be, well, little people.

Joe LOVED this idea. Would it take off? Who knows.

Well I have had one of these ideas that I never did anything with for a long time. Allow me to explain.

PROBLEM: When you have lived in a house for many years, you get used to its smells. Smells of pets. Smells of smoke especially. Smells of certain dank areas. Smells of old curtains, furniture, etc. You become "nose blind" to these things. When you go to sell or rent your home, this can be a problem.

SOLUTION: Professional service where people with an above average olfactory sense come into your home and smell it room by room, taking copious notes of course, and give you an official report with recommendations. The name of my company?


For a modest fee, our odor experts will come to your dwelling for a thorough smelling! It might sound crazy at first, but we've been looking at houses and you wouldn't believe how many people are clearly nose blind to their own surroundings.

One we saw had the overwhelming stale cigarette smell the moment the door opened. Another the smell of pets which people definitely get used to over time.

— Jeff Deminski

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