Deja Farrior was killed Monday night when a man fleeing police ran a red light and crashed into her car. She was only 22.

The pursuit started in Trenton when police observed the driver, Chandler Heaviside, in a drug transaction. They chased him into Hamilton but stopped the chase near the Whitehorse Circle while Heaviside continued north on South Broad St. He ran a red light, T-boning Deja's car and slamming it into a telephone pole. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. Heaviside faces multiple charges and his two passengers are also charged with drug possession.

Deja's family is heartbroken but also furious. A GoFundMe page has been set up by the family for their "fight for truth and justice" for Deja. They are not only blaming the thug who ran from law enforcement. They are blaming the police themselves. The following is from their GoFundMe page:

"Our angel was taken from us, and at the hands of reckless law enforcement and careless criminals, we must make them pay! We cannot allow this type of injustice go without getting reprievement, we must stand up for our community and our sweet angel Deja."

Is it reckless to pursue a criminal? In this case, it's being reported police stopped the chase shortly before the crash. Even if they were still in pursuit, would Deja's death be their fault? Or the fault of the criminal violating even more laws by running? Do you want to live in a society where police aren't allowed to pursue wrongdoers? If a universal policy is in place that the more recklessly you drive to avoid capture, police have to let you go, will that encourage more criminals to recklessly flee?

Police pursuits are a necessary element of a society that wants to bring criminals to justice.

-Jeff Deminski

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