On last night's 'Ask The Governor' Chris Christie said he's not just proud that he's the only thing standing in the way of legalizing marijuana in New Jersey, he's DAMN proud. That's like being DAMN proud that you're the last one to realize the earth is flat.

"To me, legalization of marijuana for tax purposes - and that is the only way people justify it - is blood money. I have watched too many kids start their addiction to alcohol and marijuana and then move on to much more serious drugs."

Okay let's pause right there. The governor just included alcohol as a gateway drug but has zero problem in taxing the hell out of it and won't consider that tax 'blood money.' He's already discredited his entire argument.

He went on to say, "Every study shows marijuana is a gateway drug. And every study shows it causes damage."

Really governor? Every study? Even the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which is a federal agency by the way, questions whether marijuana is really a gateway drug stating "further research is needed to explore this question." The agency's own website even points out, "An alternative to the gateway-drug hypothesis is that people who are more vulnerable to drug-taking are simply more likely to start with readily available substances like marijuana, tobacco, or alcohol." In fact studies have been done that show an even better predictor of future, deeper drug use is cigarettes more so than marijuana. So where's Christie's self-righteous rant about how taxing tobacco is 'blood money'? The National Institute on Drug Abuse also points out the the majority of marijuana users do NOT go on to use harder drugs.

Yet in full Reefer Madness glory an apoplectic Christie went on to say, "You want to bring some other joker in here who is going to make the argument to you this is all about the tax money? Then watch what happens to productivity, watch what happens in our schools. Quite frankly, I think it is reprehensible to say you want to let this poison be legalized in our state for money."

Fine governor, then don't tax it. Just make it legal, like the alcohol and tobacco you have no problem raking in tax money with and which have killed so many more people than marijuana ever will. Since the governor is so big on name calling, like 'joker' in this case or calling Sen. Lesniak 'crazy,' 'a quack,' and 'a lunatic' Monday night, here's one just for you Chris:


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