Waiting 'til everyone was in weekend mode and hard news is often the least read by Saturday morning, Gov. Christie, Sen. President Steve Sweeney, and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto held a 4:45 pm Friday press conference to announce they reached a deal on the bankrupt Transportation Trust Fund.

They agreed that you'll pay 23 cents per gallon more in gasoline. In exchange they will phase out Jersey's so-called "death tax," the estate tax, completely by 2018. Also the state sales tax will drop only slightly, not the 1 percent drop as had been talked about earlier this summer.

Not agreed to is why we should have to pay for the squandering of the Transportation Trust Fund in the past. They had this money. They played shell games and raided the TTF to shore up budgets when it was supposed to go to our roads. Not agreed to is why we should continue to keep paying more per mile for our roads in New Jersey than any other state, with prevailing wage and project labor agreements and sweetheart union deals.

So how do you feel New Jersey? Was this a fair deal?

-Jeff Deminski

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