A Delaware transgender woman took to Twitter to give a play-by-play of her claim that the manager of a McDonald's in Paulsboro followed her into the restaurant's women's bathroom and threatened to "throw me out."

Misty Hill, 42, tweeted on Wednesdau that she is legally female but the manager refused to look at her license and harassed her three times while she used the bathroom.  Hill said she stayed in the restaurant and attempted to contact McDonald's management to report the incident but their representative on the phone seemed "bored and unconcerned."

Hill also said she felt that the company was "actively ignoring" her complaint on two Twitter accounts. She plans to pursue legal action. Hill tweeted on Thursday she had been referred to a Gloucester County lawyer and was awaiting a return call.

John Durante, the owner/operator of the restaurant said in an email, “as an independent owner/operator I personally strive to be inclusive and accommodating to all of my customers as well as my employees. Yesterday, Ms. Hill was able to use the restroom of her choice as is permitted under New Jersey Law. It is regrettable that a misunderstanding between her and another customer then ensued.”

Hill later spoke to NBC Philadelphia and said the manager asked if she was a man. “I attempted to show her my driver’s license and she refused to look at it. She crossed her arms, refused to take it and said, ‘people have their opinions.’ She then threatened to call police," Hill told the television station.

The manager was identified as Angela Senpazi in Hill's tweets.

Senpazi told the station a little girl in the bathroom became frightened after Hill spoke to her. The girl's mother reported the incident and Senpazi went into the bathroom to investigate. “I was just addressing the concern of a customer. Whatever your personal preference is, I don’t care but some people do. We don’t want to lose customers so we have to try to appease everyone."

Hill tweeted there was a "complete fabrication on the manager's part"  and said she was the only person in the bathroom. Hill on Thursday tweeted that "it is my belief at this time that the accusation that I talked to and scared a little girl was made by a customer and believed by management.

Some of the key tweets from Misty:

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