In Lenape Park, ten licensed hunters perched in treetops wearing orange vests are on a mission to remove 125 deer from the 400 acre park. The hunt goes on each Monday until February 6th.

Get this: ecologists say the ideal number of deer per square mile in that park is 20. Researchers found 300. Is that even possible? There has been a corresponding high number of deer-car collisions on roads surrounding the park. A dozen accidents on Kenilworth Boulevard last year alone.

Jo Ann Frascella moved from Brooklyn to Cranford 15 years ago. Says she used to see only an occasional deer in her backyard. Now, 15 years later, she's inundated, and they're causing damage to her property. Says the hunt is a shame but it is necessary.

How have you seen the deer population change over time in your part of New Jersey? And do you support these kinds of hunts? Make your comments here...