You may be eligible for a $10 thousand check from the government, but if you don't act by tomorrow, the opportunity is gone.

August 1 is the deadline for homeowners severely impacted by Superstorm Sandy to apply for a Homeowner Resettlement Grant. The $180 million program is aimed at encouraging homeowners to remain in the nine most-impacted counties.

Governor Chris Christie announces that storm-affected homeowners have begun receiving $10,000 Homeowner Resettlement checks. (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

At a press conference in Little Ferry on Tuesday, Governor Chris Christie announced that homeowners have begun receiving their checks.

"Ultimately, about 16,000 Sandy-impacted homeowners will receive resettlement grants when the program is completed," Christie said. "In fact, Sandy-impacted homeowners will be receiving resettlement checks every day throughout August and into September."

The checks can be used for non-construction purposes like mortgage payments and utility bills. In return, the recipient must agree to remain in or return to the county they lived in prior to Sandy.

"As people rebuild their lives, we want them to stay right here in New Jersey," Christie added.

He said there are pockets of New Orleans that remain abandoned, several years after Hurricane Katrina hit, and this program can help make sure a similar situation doesn't arise in New Jersey because of Sandy.

Eligible homeowners can apply for a grant by visiting, calling 1-855-SANDY-HM, or by visiting one of the Housing Recovery Centers. Due to an overwhelming amount of applications so far, they are being randomly selected and prioritized by income and geography.