If you are looking for a repeat of the groundbreaking pension and benefit reforms from Gov. Chris Christie's first-term, do not hold your breath.

Senate President Sweeney and Governor Christie (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Senate President Steve Sweeney, the state's highest ranking Democrat, believes that Christie is running for president and that he is a liar.

Sweeney told the Star-Ledger that Christie is merely pushing a new pension overhaul campaign to win Republican votes nationwide, and that he did not keep his word about fully funding pensions during the last bi-partisan reforms.

For those reasons, Sweeney said there is 'zero' chance they will cut another deal with Christie to cut back public worker pensions again.

The issue is one that the two state political heavyweights once found common ground on, but a decision by Christie to dramatically slash funding to bridge a budget shortfall has caused a major ongoing chasm in Trenton.