I finally got my CPAP machine to alleviate my long diagnosed sleep apnea problem and put it to use last night. It is not as unobtrusive as promised.

From a distance it’s not very noisy, but when the mask is strapped to your face and the air is being forced in and out, you can hear it. The pressure of the air was somewhat surprising, too. It is a variable rate that is supposed to adjust to my breathing, but it is noticeable. It woke me up a couple of times. Even though it has a built in humidifier, I still woke up with an incredibly dry mouth. Good thing I still keep a glass of water bedside.

So, the big question is: Do I feel better? After all, the whole point isn’t just to silence the snoring, it is supposed to provide a more complete night’s sleep. Honestly, I can’t say I feel much different today than I did yesterday, but maybe there’s a cumulative effect. At least I hope there is.

I’m giving it a month of regular use to see if it helps.

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