The National Hockey League may have locked out its players but that didn’t stop “Team Comcast Squirt A” from holding their Youth League fundraiser at Sarcasm Comedy Club in Cherry Hill with a very special guest comedian.  


Dave “The Hammer” Schultz, a 2 time Stanley Cup Champion, performed about 30 minutes of standup comedy to a packed house. He was not only funny but charming as he told stories from when he started playing hockey ‘I told my Dad that I could play for the Rangers for $5000 and he told me “Son, I could never afford that much”

According to Coach Dave Hofteizer, who is also the team manager, “They came, They drank, They laughed!." Among those who came to the comedy fundraiser, Shawn Tilger, the Philadelphia Flyers Senior Vice President of Business Operations. Also performing were myself, Eric Potts, Steve Rice and Jimmy “Roundboy” Graham.  But it was Dave Schultz that the crowd came to see. They even had Schultz sign an oil painting of himself that they raffled of.


As the SARCASM comedy club owner,  I can say I love having Dave do fundraisers, because when you’ve got the guy with the most penalized minutes in the NHL, you never have to worry about a bouncer ;)