Flyers fans need cheering up after their playoff loss to the Rangers and what better place for cheering up than at Tavern On The Lake on May 16th!On the 16th Stanley Cup Champion Dave “The Hammer” Schultz brings the New Jersey 101.5 Comedy Tour to town with Steve Trevelise and Jimmy “Roundboy” Graham. Graham has a new sitcom “Graham’s Crackers” that is creating a lot the buzz. Also on the bill will be  Chris Johnston.  Both Graham and Johnston have have opened for comedian Artie Lange and toured with the “Howard Stern Killers of Comedy” show and “Best Damn Comedy Show” tours as well.

If Flyer fans really want to laugh, they can look at what happened when Dale Rolfe  told Dave Schultz on the ice that he wasn’t funny

This is going to be one great show and you can get your tickets now at on the events page!