Black ice led to many spinouts and accidents on New Jersey roads Thursday morning.

"We had jackknifed tractor trailers all over the place on the ramps and the main roads. Route 80, Route 78, Route 31. People really have to slow down," New Jersey Fast Traffic's Bob Williams said.

Ocean County Sheriff Mike Mastronardy echoed those sentiments in a tweet urging drivers to watch for icy roads, and reminded them to watch for children who may be walking along the narrower roads.

At one point early Thursday, morning there were three separate accidents involving tractor trailers in Rockaway, Pisacataway and Saddle Brook.

Highway crews are also still dealing with the 2 to 3 feet of snow left by Saturday's blizzard.

"Although we've had some good melting over the last few days, many highways still have snow on the shoulders and ramps," Williams said.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow called Thursday "the iciest morning since the blizzard" due to temperatures in the 40s on Wednesday.

"As morning temperatures fell into the teens and 20s across New Jersey, many puddles and pools of slush across the Garden State have frozen solid. This obviously presents a very slippery situation to start the day," Zarrow said.

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