The one thing the Rutgers press conference could have used was a dee jay. They really need music for all the dancing that went on. Perhaps Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” as the blame was passed from the school to former Athletic Director Tim Pernetti, all the way down to the lawyers who disagreed with the firing of coach Mike Rice in November when the tape of his player bullying was made known to them.


Elsa/Getty Images

One thing is for certain, Rutgers must be a great agricultural school because there was enough manure being tossed around to keep their rolling campus lawns green for years! The one question remains a mystery. Why when Rutgers President Dr Robert Barchi was made known in November of a tape containing their mens basketball coach putting his hands on players, throwing basketballs at them and using gay slurs, did he not ask to see it?  Why did he finally look at it on Tuesday, after the punishment of a suspension and 50,000 fine was already handed down?


Is this good leadership? Harry Truman must be turning over in his grave. So much for “The Buck Stops Here”  Rutgers bucks should stop going to the lawyers who Barchi says they pay dearly for advice. Remember that advice is just that,  ADVICE. It’s not an order that even the President of the University should override.


Preesident Barchi said in the press conference that when he saw the tape, he immediately decided to fire Rice. Does that means paying off the remainder of Rice’s contract? Can Rice now come back and sue over being fired after he was already punished? Is Barchi the man you want leading Rutgers? Is the Rutgers infrastructure set up so that a president of anyone can lead without going through a process even when the solution is so obvious?  Can Rutgers rebound from yet another bullying situation?  Stay tuned, there may be more to come before it is all said and done.