Father's Day vs. Mother's Day...Dad usually gets the short end of the stick!According to the National Retail Foundation, Americans were expected to shell out $13.3 billion dollars for Dad today. In comparison, Christmas holiday shopping racks up $580 billion, Valentine’s Day comes in at $18 billion, and Mother’s Day...$20.7 billion.

So, then, you might ask: What is Dad worth?

Insure.com, a consumer insurance information site, puts out an annual "Father's Day Index" calculating the monetary (dollar) value of the work the typical father does around the house. The index uses Labor Department wage statistics for jobs that could equal typical "dad" chores. For example, home repairs are calculated using wage data for maintenance and repair workers. Removing spiders from the house and squishing bugs correlates to pest control, driving kids to school and extra-curricular activities equal chauffeurs, etc.

This year, the Father’s Day Index put Dad’s chore value at $23,344, an increase from last year’s $20,248.

The 2013 value for moms is $59,862 – over twice as much.

I'm thinking that these figures should be taken with a LARGE grain of salt....

ONLY $23,344? Seriously?!

To me, Dad is PRICELESS!

Happy Father's Day to MY dad....and all dads!