Cliff Richard is one of the biggest pop stars in British history, racking up 125 hits on the British charts, including 14 #1 singles. He was even knighted by the Queen. His success in the US was not as extensive, but he did have several hits. His biggest US hit was “Devil Woman” which hit #6 in 1976; he had others, like “We Don’t Talk Anymore” (#7 in 1980) and “Dreaming” (#10 in 1980). The song I asked Big Joe to play, “Daddy’s Home” was a cover version of a song first charted by Shep and the Limelites (who I’ve never heard of) and subsequently recorded by Jermaine Jackson (in 1973); Cliff Richard’s version peaked at #23 in 1982, and, no, Big Joe didn’t play it.

Check out my ‘Not-So-Top-10′ pick in the video above.

And in case you were wondering, Big Joe ignored my request.