Dennis is applauding former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling today after Schilling decided to make an example of some cowards on Twitter who said some vile and disgusting things about Schilling's daughter.

In this episode of "Just One More Thing" Dennis cheers on Schilling for making Internet trolls responsible for their offensive comments about Schilling's daughter.

Last week Schilling congratulated his daughter on Twitter for being accepted into Salve Regina University., where she'll be playing softball. Since, multiple people have posted extremely vulgar and sexually explicit comments about her.

Many of these Internet bullies think they can say whatever they want and there's no recourse. They hide behind some screen name and think they can just say whatever they want to whoever they want. Well, Schilling stood up to these bullies and outed them so that everyone knows just how horrible these people truly are. Now those bullies have to live with the embarrassment of the awful things they said and that everyone knows what they did.

Watch Dennis' take on "Just One More Thing" in the video above.