Another great New Jersey bakery closes it's doors as we say goodbye to Mendoker's Quality Bakery in Jamesburg after 84 years! 

There was no reason given, but with the big stores covering our need for baked goods (which continues to shrink due to low-carb diets), the neighborhood bakery continues to become a thing of the past. My favorite bakery item has long been the chocolate cupcake with creme inside. In fact if I were going to crown a "Jersey Cupcake" that would probably be it.

What would you put in a "Jersey" cupcake? That's the question I posed to "Cup Cake Wars'" Justin Willman, for whom I opened last Saturday night at the Broadway Theatre in Pittman.

Willman, who also hosts "King of Cones" and Disney's reboot of "Win Lose Or Draw," gave his ingredients along with his 'Jersey" moment:

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