This gem comes from the annals of all awesome, strange calls we have received at this radio station. Read along as this surly, perhaps-psychopathic listener makes some pretty outrageous allegations against Mr. Jim Gearhart.

The man, named "Frank," called us claiming he was reaching out at the behest of Jim himself. What follows is a transcript of that conversation.

Caller: He will know who it is. We met in the bar last night.

Us: Jim was not in a bar last night.

Caller: Yes, it was Jim Gearhart from 101.5. He was very drunk and doing bad things. I had to carry him out. I have his wallet.

If you don't let me talk to him, I will have to go to his house.

Us: Since you have his wallet, check his license and tell me where he lives.

Caller: Oh, I can't tell you that.

Us: Are you completely insane?

Caller: No - not completely.

Us: Are you in a psychiatric facility right now?

Caller: Not yet.

Jim parties hard, believe us. But he has never partied with this particular gentleman.