A 35 year old woman crashed a birthday party attended by her ex-boyfriend, who already had a restraining order on her, and it ended with a lot of cops and her under arrest.


It happened in Egg Harbor Township at a TGI Fridays on Black Horse Pike around 8pm Monday. Cammy Farmer arrived at the restaurant and spotted her ex and, according to police, asked workers to move her table closer to where he was seated. From there verbal ugliness began with him and his family, and soon it turned physical. It spilled out into the parking lot with some twenty people reportedly involved.

Whatever happened to the fine art of just walking away when a relationship doesn't work out? Does everyone have an ex like this? I remember a poor friend of mine who had one ex that didn't handle the breakup well, and because my friend made the mistake of not canceling joint credit cards he had with his girlfriend right away she maxed them out just to screw him over and of course never paid him back.

Another ex of his did far worse. He knew the relationship had run its course after living with her for over a year. He thought the polite, responsible thing to do after telling her it was over was to allow her the weekend privately to gather her things and move out. (The place was his before he met her, and was in his name only.) He graciously stayed elsewhere for the weekend. When he returned on Monday he found almost every single thing that could be destroyed in the apartment destroyed. His shower doors smashed to pieces. His ties cut in half. His bottles of cologne shattered having been hurled into the bathtub. His sofa bleeding out its insides through huge Xs cut in every seat of it. Everything...completely...destroyed. He never bothered calling the police. He let it go. Too bad she couldn't have.

Does everyone have a story? No names of exes please, just the anonymous facts. Leave your stories in the comment section below and let's see who had the craziest ex.