Silly or not?

Many in the tony town of Cranford are seeing red over comments made by Cranford Police Chief and soon to be full-time township administrator Eric Mason to his son in a casual phone conversation back when Mason was first appointed police chief in 2003.

This recent report in a local Cranford publication states that during the conversation, Mason was asked if he was having a good day.

Mason reportedly told his son that his day was going well because he "didn't have to kill any white people."

The comment went viral and was recently placed on YouTube by someone going by the name “GazeeboBricks”.

Well, as I said, tongues in the tony Union County town of Cranford are wagging.

Some saying the content of the comments are disturbing, while others don’t think much of them, but still wonder how they were recorded in the first place and leaked onto YouTube.

While the Chief has no comment as he’s away on vacation, Cranford Mayor David Robinson told the Cranford Patch that he’d spoken to Mason just before he left; during which the chief alerted the mayor to the release of the video.

According to the Patch, Robinson said, "he indicated that the (recorded phone call) was from years ago and it was a private conversation with his son about family matters."

"The Township Committee at the time determined that it didn't affect his ability to be the police chief, so a retread of it in 2012 doesn't affect his ability to be the township administrator."

As disturbing as you might think it to be, given that if a white police chief had said this, all hell would have broken loose......I chuckled to myself!

But your opinion is what matters!

What say you?