I was out for a walk this afternoon...and something happened...I was asked something that I have never been asked before!

Long story short:

Monday through Wednesday night, I engineered the New Jersey 101.5 night show, til midnight, with my buddy Bill Spadea. Yesterday afternoon, I get a call...help!...can you work the overnight, running the Dennis & Judi, and Deminski & Doyle rewinds?

After working the all-night shift, I get about 3 & 1/2 hours sleep this (Friday) morning, before I wake up, and any more snooze-time is futile.

Let's just say that my internal body clock is way off.....and the best way to reset, is to get some fresh air and sunshine!

Since I have the afternoon off, and have the time to spare, I decide that I am going to get LOTS of sun. I start to walk out to my gym. Its about 4 miles...each way.

As I'm walking...deep in thought...solving the problems of the world...I hear a woman's voice floating across from the other side of the road:

"Excuse me..."

I stop, and turn back.

"Are you looking for work?"

"No," I reply, "but, thank you."

"You're welcome," she says, and enters her place of business.

I continue my walk...

I continue on...but at a pace slower than 35 miles per hour. (Craig Allen photo),

...not thinking much of the brief exchange, except: that was kind of unusual...but it proves that someone's work-economy is getting better. YAY!

After my workout, as I am walking the 4 miles back...I get to re-thinking this 'help wanted' deal...and my inner contrarian kicks in.

Gee...I wonder if...hmm...

Lets see...guy in shorts, t-shirt and cap...walking along the side of the road...

We've seen it, across New Jersey, in the past few years.

How can I best  (nicely) put this: Did I appear to be...a "day laborer?"


I'd prefer to believe that I look able-bodied, and trustworthy...

...from a distance.