Craigslist can be a great thing unless you have this happen to you.

A guy from Edison who was looking to purchase some Apple computer products responded to an ad on and went to meet two men at an apartment complex in Somerville. Police say Jeremy Grant met the man outside on the street and brought him in where Stephen Maurrasse was waiting. Instead of seeing Apple products the man suddenly saw the other two holding knives to his stomach and stealing the $2,500 in cash he had brought with him for the possible purchase. They then fled on foot.


So stupid simple how these clowns were caught. They'd given the phone number of one of their girlfriends and the victim simply told that phone number to the police as the number he'd called to make the arrangements prior to the robbery. One thing quickly led to another and both men are now under arrest charged with first degree armed robbery.

This is something Bill and I have talked about on the show more than once.  Craigslist is certainly almost always okay, but you have to be so careful for those rare times its not. If it isn't an armed robbery you worry about, it's a fake check, buying stolen goods, meeting a nut job stalker, on and on.

As an added bonus to today's story we offer you this video of Weird Al Yankovic's "Craigslist". If it sounds eerily dead on as being in the style of The Doors, the trivia you need to know is Ray Manzarek himself is the very guy actually playing keyboards.