The last thing I remember saying was: "Be careful!"

A few weeks have gone by, so now, telling my story is not as "painful."

My father had asked me to help him take down a tree.  Not a big deal, I've done this before.  Long story, short: He has notched the tree, and I'm taking up the slack on a rope, to help guide the tree as it is about to come down. Still, no problem. 

I hear the "CRACK!" And, see the top of the tree start moving.  The tree that we are bringing down is close to the roof of the house...and, to me, from my "safe" angle, it looks like the tree is going to come down on the roof, despite my best efforts.  So, I make a quick decision to change my angle, and try to ease the falling tree away from the house.

My plan is working....the tree is coming down, and is no longer headed towards the house and the roof!

I am angling, and pulling hard...and then I lose my balance...for a moment.  I get my footing back, and continue to pull.  Then, I lose my balance again!  This time, I know that I am not going to get my footing back, so I decide to go "rag doll."  Why fight it?! 

Thats the last thing I remember.


I am sitting on the ground, leaning up against this (above) tree...looking up into the faces of concerned family and friends.  I am confused (literally)! Why am I here? Why is everyone staring at me? Why do they look scared? Should I be scared, too? Why does my head hurt...BAD?!!

As it turns out, my "rag doll" falling backwards plan would have worked out just fine...except that, in repositioning myself to pull on the falling tree, I had, unknowingly, lined up perfectly with the only other tree in this portion of the yard! So, when I fell backwards, I smacked the tree with my head. OUCH!!

Maybe, I need to invent a tree-removal safety helmet? Retroactively!

The next day, my sister told me that I was knocked unconscious for about 2 or 3 minutes.  She ran and got my neighbor, who is a nurse. When I came around, they checked my eyes, and asked vague questions to see what I could remember.  It was decided that I would not need an ambulance ride.  Over the course of about an hour, I started to remember more of what had happened...and began to feel more like myself.

And, I took it easy for a day or two...  

So, thats my story.  Right after this painful encounter, one friend suggested that I not write about it makes me "look stupid."  I respectfully disagree.  No matter how careful you are, and how prepared you are: *hi* happens!! This was just another "hard knock" on the road of life.

Having said that, I have a new-found respect for the unyielding nature of trees. 

And, I never want to smack my head that hard again!!

 And, might I suggest to you: Never leave "the eyes in the back of your head" at never know when you may need them!