I have been saying it for years...thanks in part to writing "blogs" every week for my "Craig's List" page here on nj1015.com...my camera is always with me!

What I see...I like to share!

Can you "bearly" stand the "random" excitement? (Craig Allen photo).

And, it occurs to me that we haven't taken an excursion into "randomness" in quite a while!

Pull up (or in this case...down) a seat...relax, and enjoy the photos! (Craig Allen photo).

So...lets GO!

Right away, I have to wonder...(besides, how much good the cone does)...

I'm glad that I just "missed" this driver in my travels! (Craig Allen photo).

HOW does someone do this, when there is a curbed "island" around the tree?

Nope...I wouldn't want to see this driver try to parallel park!

OK. Fine. (Craig Allen photo).

As the photo above advises: I'll stop the criticism...now.

And, "witchoo" too! (Craig Allen photo).

Then, there's...

They're kidding...right? CHEERS! (Craig Allen photo).

"Truth in advertising?" Seriously...does this sign go too far?

Then, there's this one...on the ground...

Is someone against "smoke free" air?" (Craig Allen photo).

Let's keep moving...

Watching WHERE we walk. (Craig Allen photo).

Call this a "dog's eye view" of the world.

Now...I suppose I should tell you that...

"Man In The Mirror"--not Michael Jackson's song. (Craig Allen photo).

...I am the man in the mirror. And, I hear that a broken mirror is "bad luck."

So, having paused a few minutes to enjoy the music...let's move on.


Years ago, Jim Gearhart taught us how to clean our "Mouse Balls."

HUH? (Craig Allen photo).

These are NOT the same, I'm guessing.

But, if they do their job, as advertised...I'll smile...especially while working out at the gym!

Maybe, I should have placed the "fresh air" sign HERE!

In my recent travels, I found this box at the side of the road...

Pre-dvr technology! (Craig Allen photo).

Do you remember what these are?

SOMEONE obviously didn't want to remember...anymore.

And, just to answer the BURNING question: there was nothing interesting (or embarrassing) on any of these video tapes. Drats. That would have been FUN!

I feel bad for this lonely beach (or pool) ball! (Craig Allen photo).

I'm thinking: this is what a "Beach Ball Prison" would look like!

I set it free...and found it a new home. That's how I roll!

Rolling on...

Really? (Craig Allen photo).

Did I see this in YOUR home...in your kitchen?

As long as we are on the topic of food...Yes, I have finally seen:

The Weiner Mobile! (Craig Allen photo).

Can I now say that I have seen it ALL in my travels?

Can you read it? (Craig Allen photo).

What say you?

Until out next excursion into "Randomness"...

Just do it! (Craig Allen photo).