The last few days, I've been going through my iPhone and iPad, clearing out photos...because I need space for...NEW photos!

And, that gives me an IDEA!

Ummm...just EUREKA, in this case! (Craig Allen photo).

There's no time like NOW for another excursion into...what I call "Randomness!"

Step up to...nowhere! (Craig Allen photo).

Lately, there's been a "thing" going around social media where people post a random photo from their life, each day, without explanation...

"Bert Birdie" says: "Birds don't talk!" (Craig Allen photo).

...and nominate a friend to do the same!

Administer beans...they're good for Dad's heart! (Craig Allen photo).

This makes me feel like I'm "ahead of the curve," as I have been posting "randomly" here at, for years!

EVERYTHING...including the farting! (Craig Allen photo).

I post without explanation...but, usually with comment (like above).

MOM is right about this, too! (Craig Allen photo).

Don't worry! You don't have to respond with any photos of your own...not even the 5th photo...

The message has been...lost in translation! (Craig Allen photo).


Credible speeling, preferred! (Craig Allen photo).

In my travels, this caused me a "double take:"

Pee? What? (Craig Allen photo). this related to the "privy" photo at the top of the page?

Now, I get it! ONLY in the library! (Craig Allen photo).

Wait...there's MORE!

The ultimate...Top hat? (Craig Allen photo).

As opposed to this "hat" below?

A "bike hat!" (Craig Allen photo).

Lets keep...going...

COOL car! (Craig Allen photo).
Is it even "noir"...Black & White? (Craig Allen photo).

YUP! Anything can pop up, in my "Random" world...

The car was old...when this 8 track was new! (Craig Allen photo).

(Pop in, and Press) "Play" along with me...I won't fade down, the...

I can't wait til it's warm enough to see a sunflower again! (Craig Allen photo).


"I pledge allegiance..." (Craig Allen photo).

...middle of blogs!

MORE "stars & stripes!" (Craig Allen photo).

Are these "guys" related?

Smiley...and...wrinkly. (Craig Allen photo).

Moving along...something to see here...

I think it needs an "In-service Day!" (Craig Allen photo).

No...this isn't the "5th picture" in my "camera!"

Apparently, Barbie has it all...even her own plane! (Craig Allen photo).

Well...this has been fun...but, I am winding down...

But...if I turn out the light...I miss the...(BUMP)...warning! (Craig Allen photo).

...not fading out...

Right ON, John! (Craig Allen photo).

Don't worry!

There's "No Parking On The Dance Floor," either! (Craig Allen photo).

There's ALWAYS more coming from the world of "Randomness!"

But for now, I believe that I'll:

Don't worry about the small print! (Craig Allen photo).