The calendar tells us that it's the fall season, I have to tell you that the last few weeks have been busy ones in my world of "randomness."

If you are new to my page at, you should know that I always have my camera with me...because I never know what I will see in my travels!

What I see, I like to share...I call it an excursion into photo "randomness."

It's good to know that we're..."good to go!" (Craig Allen photo).

Let's GO!

Just like my "Craig's List" page! (Craig Allen photo).

Not to worry...all photos are "safe."

As we start our excursion, let's...

Do as the sticker says. Thanks! (Craig Allen photo). each other! And...the world around us. Literally.

What's the soil alternative? (Craig Allen photo).

Because ANGRY dirt just isn't the same!

Would you believe...

Colorful! (Craig Allen photo).

...this anti-bacterial dish soap is like...vinegar and oil? Perhaps, the top layer is..."germy?"

I call this picture...

Some UNintentional "Balloon ART" at the Grad Party. (Craig Allen photo.

..."The ONE That Got Away."

Speaking of...parties...

"Leftovers." (Craig Allen photo). you think that there was a GOOD one here?

Onward, we go!

How many do you think...

"Send in the clowns." So that we can watch them pile out! (Craig Allen photo).

...can fit into this car? Don't forget to include a...

Yes, please! (Craig Allen photo).

What's the number now? Maybe, you'd like to do an over-under recyclable can/bottle count from the "party" photo? Now, THAT would be a challenge...

THIS got my attention:

In case of...emergency? (Craig Allen photo).

Let's just say...I hope that I don't ever encounter...a "prop fire!"

Then, there are the things one can learn...

You do NOW (Craig Allen photo).

...just by opening up your (in this case MY) audio editing software! Hmmmmmm......

Would you like a few more random photos to...ponder?

With all the "summer rain" we've had (and with all due respect...and love and concern...for our friends in Florida and Texas), the "Mushroom Family" has...taken New Jersey!


The "triplets." (Craig Allen photo).
The only child...aka "spoiled brat." (Craig Allen photo).

And, even the "crazy uncle."

What does "he" look like to you? Let your imagination take over...

I say...

GOLF TEE! (Craig Allen photo).

What say YOU?

I say:

Aaaahhhh...the 1970's! Remember the 8-Track?! (Craig Allen photo)

"Grease is the word!"  I found this "gem" in a pile of "random stuff" in a music closet!

Cool...right? need a...

There's room for you! (Craig Allen photo).

Truly, this photo excursion has covered...

I was through it...before I knew it! (Craig Allen photo).

...a lot of ground!

I have MORE pictures to share!!

So, I propose that you be MY biggest...

The blades are spinning really fast!! (Craig Allen photo).

...and stop by for more photo randomness NEXT Sunday night, starting at 7pm here at

Let's ROCK! (Craig Allen photo).

...and, as always, join me "on air" for more of "Jersey's Favorite Hits" on New Jersey 101.5!