There's a BIG world around much of it do you really see in your daily life?

How much of it goes by...unnoticed?

Remember these? They're only a few years out of date! (Craig Allen photo).

As I have been saying here at, for years, I always have my camera with me!

How many "misteaks" did you see? (Craig Allen photo).

Last weekend's blog photo (seen the article by clicking HERE)....inspired me!

So, it occurs to me that we haven't taken a trip into photo "randomness" in a while...

Let's go for a walk...and see what we see! (Craig Allen photo).

Let's "lace 'em up," and get going!

First stop...the store!

This Jersey product is back in the news:

Don't "fart!" (Craig Allen photo).

It says PORK ROLL. Not "Taylor Ham."  What say YOU?

This would go perfectly with my vinyl record collection! (Craig Allen photo).

Sometimes, like above, I'm surprised by what I find at my grocery store (above and below)!

By the way, "National Record Store Day," featuring LOTS of coming!

Fresh...Stale...or not at all?! (Craig Allen photo).

As Easter approaches...its time to "solve" the...mystery!

Need a card for a special occasion?

I'd wave and "scream" just for the fun of it! (Craig Allen photo).

This're out of luck!

As we move along through the "random" world around us...

Seen on the bulletin board at a NJ workplace... (Craig Allen photo).

Who came up with these statistics?

Aren't illnesses also brought on by....our crazy Jersey "spring" weather?

We need some sort of...validity check!

Speaking of bulletin boards:

Another reality check, please... (Craig Allen photo).

...our cars can double as mobile bulletin boards!

So can a door (minus the "mobile" part):

True! (Craig Allen photo).

I like...

My sister's "matched set." (Craig Allen photo).

...the little "mutts" too!

They are good judges of character... (Craig Allen photo).

In fairness...

This mobile bulletin board is feline friendly! (Craig Allen photo).

Equal Opportunity Photo Op:

Meet mom's kitty! (Craig Allen photo).

Need Wildlife? that you? (Craig Allen photo).

I snapped the above photo moments before I scared her off, pulling up to the NJ101.5 building!

As I was leaving, I noticed...

Party to go....or stay. (Craig Allen photo).

...someone had left their "party supplies" at the NJ101.5 front door!

Didn't I just mention our New Jersey "Spring?"

Nothing but net...with a BIG snowball. (Craig Allen photo).

The calendar says Spring...but, its still COLD out here in "Random Land!"


Hey...did you know that there's an expiration date on...

No car should be without these! (Craig Allen photo).

...Jumper Cables? Really?

I guess that we have been warned!

Message received. (Craig Allen photo).

I feel better already!

Before I run out of...

At 7am...I'd like to shoot my alarm, too! (Craig Allen photo).

..."time" on this excursion...

You only had ONE job to do...

GL"ass Lunch Box" (Craig Allen photo).

...and you FAILED!

Til our next excursion into "randomness," do as the tattoos do:

Groovy! (Craig Allen photo).

Keep smiling!


"Peace Out!"