Thanks to all of you who joined New Jersey 101.5 at the "Super Pet Expo" in Edison, yesterday for all the fun...and our live broadcast!

Lots of pet parents are at the Expo! (Craig Allen photo).

We were out on the main floor....along with all the shows...exhibitors...and YOU, with your best furry friends!!

A man and...someone's BIG dog! (Craig Allen photo).
"Air Dog!" 17 feet and counting! (Craig Allen photo).

Back at the NJ101.5 table...I'm broadcasting...

Talking pet nutrition with Rachel Lewis from "Supreme Source Pet Nutrition." (NJ Prize Team photo).

And the "Jersey Prize Team" is having fun with YOU!

Let's make you a winner! (Craig Allen photo).
"Nice kitty!" (NJ Prize Team photo).

And on behalf of Spice--one brave kitty in a hall FULL of dogs--MEOW!