Thank you for coming out to the Asbury Park Boardwalk yesterday afternoon for our live New Jersey 101.5 broadcast!

The weather was perfect!

My view of the beach, from the boardwalk studio! (Craig Allen photo).

Lots of sun, and blue skies...with a light breeze off the ocean!

As I said during the show...on a beautiful day...I often think: if only I could do the show from outside!

Samantha, from the Jersey Prize Team, helping produce the show from the studio! (Mike Hildebrandt photo).

As my pictures prove, sometimes, such broadcast dreams do come true!

The beach and the boardwalk were packed!

A "sea of humanity" in Asbury Park! (Craig Allen photo).

Just the way we like it for a live broadcast!

Setting up the booths just prior to the "big broadcast!" (Craig Allen photo).

Did you play games with the "Jersey Prize Team?"

I saw green shirts all along the boardwalk yesterday afternoon, thanks to our broadcast partners,!

Our live broadcasts are a "multi-media experience." (Mike Hildebrandt photo).

I can honestly tell you that I got goosebumps while playing "Thunder Road,"  from the Asbury Park iconic Jersey song, from the place where it all started for the Boss!

Thanks to YOU, our loyal listeners for stopping by to say HI!

And HELLO to my new friends from the "Stone Pony" and Tim McCloon's Supper Club for stopping by to chat off the air...and props to "The Dork Of Deception" who is the real deal! His feats of magic deceived me!

With my broadcast team. (Jersey Prize Team photo).

And a big thanks, again, to my broadcast team, and the Jersey Prize team (above):

Left to right:  Jess Frank, Melissa Jones, your author, John from the Jersey Prize Team, Mike Hildebrandt, and Samantha and Danielle from the Jersey Prize Team!

Thanks to Dan Tantillo in the New Jersey 101.5 studios, too!

We'll be back, broadcasting live from the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Boardwalk studios on Saturday, September 3rd!

And join me for our live broadcast from "Freedom Fest" at the Horse Park Of New Jersey on Saturday July 16th...and from the "Quick Check Festival of Ballooning" on Saturday July 30th!

See you then...and there...with New Jersey 101.5!