I say it on the air: "Sand, Surf, Sun and FUN!" I lived it this past week in Ocean City!

Of course, I had my camera at the ready...come on along!

WELCOME! (Craig Allen photo).

All week, I walked the "boards..."

Gotta be on the lookout for the bikes and surreys! (Craig Allen photo).

Wait...I'm in the wrong lane...

That's better.....that's for ME. Walking...pedestrian. (Craig Allen photo).

Its GREAT exercise...

End to end...and leave your "best friend" at home... (Craig Allen photo).

...not to mention all the cool shops (with fun stuff to entice one's wallet)...

This year, I didn't see any "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" t-shirts....hmmm. (Craig Allen photo).

Wait...this is more "my thing"....much more!

Ah....nirvana! But, a little "pricey" for "beat up" vinyl... (Craig Allen photo).

But, I digress....I'm still walking....

Fresh air...blues skies... (Craig Allen photo).

Did I mention "people watching?"

The Ocean City boardwalk = lots of "photo ops" for everyone! (Craig Allen photo).

Above: a picture of someone's "photo opportunity." Timing is everything!

"Hey buddy...see those french fries? No...the real ones, birdbrain!" (Craig Allen photo).

The seagulls are people watching, too...hoping that someone is going to drop some tasty morsel, no doubt!

So, you say that you've walked the boardwalk just like me...but have you ever...

Walking to Somers Point! (Craig Allen photo).

...walked the length of the 9th Street bridge, to Somers Point...

What a view...you don't have the time to appreciate it as you "speed" by in the car! (Craig Allen photo).
Posing for me...seriously! (Craig Allen photo).
Your history lesson, from the marker on the Somers Point side. (Craig Allen photo).

Who says one of my "fun" nj1015.com articles can't be "educational??

Almost back to Ocean City! Yes...I did the walk. This is photographic proof!

...and back to OC?

Would you believe...I forgot to note the mileage, as I drove in and out of town? Oops!

Anyway...after a long walk in the sunshine...

Seen in a store along Asbury Avenue...this works for me! (Craig Allen photo).

...to use the immortal words of  'Tony the Tiger': "I feel GRRRRREATTTTT!"

Is it YOURS? Looks lonely! Its a flop, without its companion..."flip." (Craig Allen photo).

While I'm (kind of) on the subject of beach/vacation footwear...

"Shoe tree?" Ocean City variety. (Craig Allen photo).

Lets walk...

I'm slathered in sunscreen SPF 1000...and I have my beach tag! (Craig Allen photo).

..to the beach!!

It doesn't get better than this! (Craig Allen photo).

BEACH TIME takes feeling "GRRRRREATTTTT!" UP, exponentially!!

My other view from the sand... (Craig Allen photo).

Then, there's this...

Nope...I couldn't make this up... (Craig Allen photo).

Which one of these does not belong....um...in other words...who is over-dressed?

Moving right along...

"Mobile" Ocean City LOVE! (Craig Allen photo).

Two Ocean City...one Cape May, I'm guessing...but its all JERSEY SHORE love!

There's ALWAYS something going on...here's some OC photo "randomness!"

Catch some live music, as you stroll downtown Ocean City! (Craig Allen photo).

And, there's always a new friend to meet...

That's not "Uncle Sam," but he sure is tall! (Craig Allen photo).

Did I mention rides?

The top of the "wheel" affords the rider a GREAT view of OC, day or night! (Craig Allen photo).

I enjoyed the Ferris wheel last year...at picture time (during one of my many walks), it looks like I'm a little early to buy a ride ticket!

Wanna "wet some worms?" (Craig Allen photo).

Ocean City is ready for anything...

Rick and the rest of the "Walking Dead" survivors can only WISH that they had this truck, as seen in Ocean City, NJ! (Craig Allen photo).

...even the Zombie Apocolypse!

And, the "Zombie Plow" is a good thing, because:

"E.T. phone home....NOT!" (Craig Allen photo).

THIS phone certainly won't help! Thank goodness for cell phones!

In the meantime, this car owner may be smiling...

Its a combination '70s "smiley face," and "Mr. Magoo!" (Craig Allen photo).

But, that is about to change...

You've been noticed by Ocean City's "finest." Oops! (Craig Allen photo).

Want to stay here, year 'round?

Here's a "fixer-upper" you can buy on the "cheap." (Craig Allen photo).

What's your budget?

This home will cost you a bit more...especially since its NOT for sale! (Craig Allen photo).

What else do I "spy" with my trusty camera?

Cute! (Craig Allen photo).

Perhaps you heard...

Governor Christie came to town. (Craig Allen photo).

And, as I was in town...I attended...and got there early enough to get a good seat, as evidenced below:

Governor Christie Thursday afternoon, fielding questions from the crowd. (Craig Allen photo).

After the town hall, as the Governor was working the crowd, I stuck out my hand as he went by, and said: "Good to see you again, Governor."

He looked for a moment, and said: "Thanks for coming out!"

As he was moving on, I put my hand on the Governor's shoulder (in retrospect, I'm amazed that security didn't freak out...that I know of...but it was all done on impulse), and said: "I'm the other guy that runs your board for Ask The Governor."

Governor Christie turned back, looked for a moment, and then his eyes got really HUGE, as he recognized me! He shook my hand again, vigorously, saying: "I'm sorry I didn't recognize you," a big smile crossing his face. "Totally out of context! See you next month!"

Of course...I'm not sure that I would have recognized myself, Governor!

I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, not a shirt and tie. And, who would imagine that the guy you see at New Jersey 101.5 just happened to be in Ocean City? Not to mention my (much) shorter hair...the summer "buzz cut!" Even my mother did a double take when I saw her two weeks ago...

There were two times during the week that our vacation group left Ocean City, traveling the Parkway a few miles to Atlantic City...

"The Devil Went Down To Georgia"...but Charlie came to "Do AC!" He's in green... (Craig Allen photo).

...to see/hear Charlie Daniels play on the sand! AWESOME!

The burned out lights say it all. So sad. (Craig Allen photo).

Not so awesome...as the article here on nj1015.com says, fears are that the closed casinos will become eyesores! Click here to read that article!

FLY HIGH! (Craig Allen photo).

We also checked out the "Atlantic City Airshow!"

And, I had never seen Lucy! We stopped on the way "home" to OC!

I've seen Lucy in pictures, on postcards, on TV, in documentaries...and finally, "up close and personal!" (Craig Allen photo).
Hi, Lucy! Want a peanut? (Craig Allen photo).

She's a National Historic Landmark in Margate, with quite a history...and a view!

The shoreline, from Lucy's right eye...this has been her view since 1970. (Craig Allen photo).

Um...Lucy....you've shrunk!

This is Ocean City's Lucy....I wasn't imagining things! (Craig Allen photo).

Thanks Colleen and Randy for a great week!

Goodbye, Ocean City! Til NEXT time! (Craig Allen photo).

Sadly, its always over too soon...but the memories of Ocean City 2014 will live on forever!