Race Day dawned wet and cold...but that did not dampen the spirits of this year's racers!

Food and fellowship under the tents...just in case of more rain. (Craig Allen photo).

As always...

Burgers, anyone? (Craig Allen photo).

...we party...

The water's fine...if you like it cold! (Craig Allen photo).

...we race for a few minutes...then, we party into the night!

"FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" are ready to race! (Craig Allen photo).

It's all about the fun (and the trophy).

This is what we're racing for! (Craig Allen photo).

Note the microphone, and NJ101.5 "chip clip," that represent my winning year!

Your author is still dry...and ready to race! (Craig Allen photo archives).

Race time is drawing...near!

No one is going to stay dry for long! (Craig Allen photo).

Like I said, it's FUN...for all ages!

If anyone stays dry, it'll be Barry! (Craig Allen photo).

Let's RACE!

Here we come! (Craig Allen photo archives).

Enjoy all the race action!

Racing...by. (Craig Allen photo archives).
And the racers just keep...soaking! (Craig Allen photo archives).

In case you haven't noticed...

It looks like Fred has opened up a lead...but will he win? (Craig Allen photo archives).

...water balloons and "super soakers" are not only permitted...

Tom takes aim! (Craig Allen photo archives).

...they're encouraged!  For use by both spectators and racers!

Hi there! I'm only partly soaked! (Craig Allen photo archives).

Did I say "partly?"

I'm about to be...totally soaked! (Craig Allen photo archives).

But, I'm far from being the only "drowned" racer!

Bucket dump! (Craig Allen photo archives).
The "sting" of super soaker action! (Craig Allen photo archives).
Don't look back, FedEx Pat! (Craig Allen photo archives).
YO, FedEx...there's always MORE! (Craig Allen photo archives).
Steve is next! (Craig Allen photo archives).
"Water works" til the end! No rain necessary! (Craig Allen photo archives).

It's almost over...

Even at the "finish line," a racer isn't...safe! (Craig Allen photo archives).

Once all racers have crossed the finish line...there can only be one winner!

And, this year, history was made...

"Cornershow Bob" accepts the trophy...again! (Craig Allen photo).

...as we now have a three time winner! It's a "three-peat!"

Two former one-time winners congratulate "Mr. Three Times!" (Craig Allen photo archives).

The annual Neighborhood Tractor Race is the social event of the year...and this one is no exception!

I hope that you've enjoyed all the race action...from a nice, dry place!

The 'hood! (Craig Allen photo archives).

I live in a GREAT New Jersey neighborhood!

We're already psyched for...next year!