It's Race Day! (Craig Allen photo).

It's the day that my whole neighborhood waits for...Tractor Race Day!

Welcome Racers! Welcome super-soaker-sporting fans! (Craig Allen photos)

It is truly the social event (and sporting event) of the year!

To catch you up, there's a pre-race party, the race (which lasts about 8 minutes), and then a post-race party (with trophy presentation) that lasts well into the night....

To check out the pre-race activities and photos, click here!

So, its a serious race...

Lawn Mowers (tractors) on the starting line. (Craig Allen photos) that it is serious fun!

Caitlin and Aaron are ready to race with me! (Craig Allen photos)

As race time approaches, the excitement builds!  This year, my riders (above) are new to the race...and, they are prepared! Note the bucket of water balloons...

The official "Pace Jeep" is in place! (Craig Allen photos).

As more last-minute racers join the line, and the crowd continues to grow...

What radio station do Tractor Racers love most? Including your Memorial Day 3-7pm host (center)! Barry, the mowercycle owner/designer is at far right.

...several of us past race winners share a moment by the "mowercycle." I rode this "tractor" to victory in the 2011 race! Good times!

The anticipation on the line grows and grows! (Craig Allen photos)

Race time draws near....

A Super Soaker...and water balloons! (Craig Allen photos)

Can you feel the anticipation?!

Where is his microphone? (Craig Allen photos)

Race Host Jerry (literally) shouts out last-minute instructions, and reveals the race route!

"The Star Spangled Banner," our national anthem, sung LIVE. (Craig Allen photo)

After we sing our national anthem...its time for the words that all racers have waited a year to hear: "Ladies and Gentlemen...start your engines!"

Thumbs UP!

A thumbs up means that your engine is running...and you are ready to RACE!

Like father, like son...Smart! (Craig Allen photos)

Did I mention that around 20 tractors all starting up at the same time is...LOUD?

The "GO" signal is milliseconds away!


It's ON!

And the 2014 Tractor Race is UNDERWAY!

I'm soaked...already!
Taking aim with the super soaker!
I love to race!
The gaps between racers widen as the race goes on...

Did I mention...

"And the crowd goes wild!"

...spectators are encouraged to bring water balloons and/or super soakers, too?

The winner's tape is broken...

And, we have a winner!

But who is it?

No...they won a few years ago, though...
The after-party crowd gathers to see who won the 2014 race...
"And the winner is..." (Craig Allen photos)

Our newest neighbor...

Congratulations, Andy! The trophy is yours for the next year! (Craig Allen photo)

Andy and his family moved in two weeks ago!

Congratulations on your new home...and welcome to the neighborhood in a BIG way!

Andy will proudly display the trophy til next Memorial Day Weekend...and over the next year, he will sign his name to the trophy and add something to it that represent his "winning" personality.

By the, I did not come in last.

Til 2015, Race Fans!