Every year, my neighbors, "FedEx Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" light up the night at Christmastime!

These two friends (and their wives) share their holiday JOY with the neighborhood...and beyond, thanks to nj1015.com.

If you have been following the unfolding events over the last few days, you already know that FedEX Pat puts up his entire display over the extended Thanksgiving weekend.

Cornershow Bob gets started (at some point) over this weekend...and his display continues to "evolve" right up to Christmas Eve!

Might I call it a "living display?"

At "press time" yesterday afternoon...

"FedEX" and his string of lights! (Craig Allen photo)

...Pat was working feverishly...hoping to "light it up" in a few hours, so that his daughters could enjoy the "spectacle" before leaving home...

Cornershow...was quiet.

I advised that you: "Wait for it..." (click here to read my blog, and see yesterday's pictures).

True to my advisory...before I could wrap up last night's radio show at 7, "Cornershow Ginni" was texting me:

"Hey Craig: started decorating today."

"Cornershow Ginni" is hard at work...and a bit camera-shy! (Craig Allen photo).

So, as the cold Jersey winds whipped 'round the "corner," I made my way down the street this afternoon to see what's going on:

SANTA has arrived...but, it looks like the reindeer are...blown away! (Craig Allen photo).
"Prancer" looks a little...deflated...after the long trip! (Craig Allen photo).

Don't worry! Ginni assures me that the reindeer will be perky by nightfall!

Ummmm...there's a drunk bear up on the roof! (Craig Allen photo).

In the meantime, it's time for more...

Orange? (Craig Allen photo).


How about these "strings?" (Craig Allen photo).

"NO!" Ginni advises me that the lights on the ground...don't work....as she...gets back to work.

Where is "Cornershow Bob," I wonder aloud.

He's getting supplies.


No doubt!

These two are perky...and BRIGHT! (Craig Allen photo).

Back up the street...

FedEX Pat's display in the daylight. (Craig Allen photo).

...all is quiet this afternoon.

The 2017 edition of the "FedEX Pat Show" is done.

You might be wondering...did FedEX meet his self-imposed deadline?

Come back this evening for the answer!

And see my festive neighbors..."light up the night!"