All of a sudden, this week, I am being inundated can I put this...job "offers."

It couldn't be that all 6 (and counting) groups that are offering jobs...saw my "Help Wanted" post from last week. If you missed it, click HERE to see this "Craig's List-only" story.

Long story short: I was offered day work while I was out for a walk last Friday afternoon.

So my e-mail inbox is being stuffed with job notices from companies with the (partial) names of: Star, Thunder, Pay, Hired, Work Now, and Career.

Do they know something about my employment status/future that I am unaware of??

Cautiously, I read the e-mail tag lines:

"Are you looking for something? Finding your next job shouldn't be (insert adjective here)..."

"Be sure to add...(us) your address book..." they all say!

"We have job openings!"

"Want a NEW, awesome job near (insert your town name here) Hillsborough?"

(Insert Company Name) "is hiring people like you in your area..."

No kidding?

So, in the interest of science (?), and at my own peril, I opened ONE of these e-mails.

Honestly, I am not sure that I would make a good "administrative office assistant." There are several of these positions available at companies to be named later.

Wait...In my spare time, I could be a "mystery shopper."

I hate to tell these folks that have my financial future all figured out, that mystery shopper jobs in Newark and Trenton are not exactly "close" to my town...even though the "come on" assures me that this is the case.

Maybe, I can return the favor of their kindness, and buy my new (very concerned) friends a New Jersey map. Or, at least, an online link.

Honestly, I didn't get much further in my job explorations, as I would assume that the more of these clearing house sites that I open...the more "offers" I will receive.

Oh...and I now receive-mails extolling the virtues of earning my college degree online!


I earned my "sheepskin" the old fashioned way...on a Big Ten campus (sorry, NOT Rutgers).

In addition, my degree carries an Honors designation. I worked extra-hard for that...honor.

Did I mention that over the last few weeks, I have started getting more solicit calls on my cell phone (my desk/home phone is useless due to the constant solicits).

Recently, I was waiting for an important return call from New York City...from a firm that "employs" multiple numbers in the course of doing business.

My cell rings, the screen says "NY," and I hear that there's GOOD NEWS!!

Be-still my beating heart...

I am one of a select few who is being allowed to take advantage of "low interest rates," so that I may pay off my student loans!

The robo-voice (probably) would not have been able to appreciate my joy in relating the fact that I have paid my college loans in full. So, mercifully, I ended the call.


Does it feel like...maybe...your spam filter has stopped working...and that SOMEONE has put your cell number on a "please disturb" list?

In your spare time, feel free to share your best e-mail or phone solicit story, below.

Thanks! iPad just went "bing!"

The "Star" group is telling me that a well-known bank has a job for me!


Will they be less interested in me, once I tell them that I have already paid off my student loans?