Halloween proper is not til tomorrow...but I am in "costume" while playing Jersey's Favorite Halloween Hits tonight!

So...what am I?

No...I am NOT any one of these people in particular.

And I am NOT a...flasher!

I got some good guesses, including: "groupie" and "voter fraud!"

I guess I can see the reference to Don Johnson...its the jacket and tee, and the shades!

Gotta say that this is a favorite..."I couldn't figure it out last year
I can't figure it out this year LOL"

Is it right of me to say...that many of you got it right?



Take a closer look.... (Craig Allen photo).

Look out...I may be selling your soul (and other pertinent information) in the next 24 hours.

The other side...(Craig Allen photo).

I've been busy...who else will join my ID-for-sale list?


Happy Halloween?