We had fun at the Fair!

Lets get on the Ferris Wheel! (Craig Allen photo).

I hope that you had a chance to join me, Craig Allen, and the "Jersey Prize Team," at the Horse Park of New Jersey for the "Freedom Fest State Fair!"

Its a beautiful afternoon for rides...food...and fun...for all ages! (Craig Allen photo).

In case you missed it...

You're a WINNER! (Craig Allen photo).

...here are a few pictures...

And the band plays on... (Craig Allen photo).

...from our LIVE New Jersey 101.5 broadcast, from 3 til 7, yesterday (Saturday).

Thumbs Up, as the Jersey Prize Team sets up for the broadcast! (Craig Allen photo).
Taylor is helping produce the show! (NJ Prize Team photo).
"ON THE AIR"...Everywhere!  (NJ Prize Team photo).

Craig Allen...LIVE...from...where else...Allentown!

Thanks to Maddalena's Cheesecake for stopping by with dessert for our crew! (NJ Prize Team photo).

As always, its great talking with YOU!

Sephora stopped by... (NJ Prize Team photo).
...to describe her favorite rides at the fair! (NJ Prize Team photo).
Chatting with Fair Manager Nick DeMaro. (NJ Prize Team photo).

We had a GREAT time broadcasting LIVE from the "Freedom Fest State Fair " at the Horse Park Of New Jersey, yesterday afternoon!

Today (Sunday) is the last day...

The Horse Park is conveniently located off I-195...take exit 11, and follow the signs!

The featured band on the big stage tonight: The Marshall Tucker Band!

THANKS to my broadcast team at "Freedom Fest State Fair!" (Jersey Prize Team photo).

Thanks to my team: Taylor, Jess Frank (on-site engineer), Josh, Jake, (your author), and Mike Hildebrandt (promotions coordinator)!

And thanks to YOU for stopping by to say HI to all of us from New Jersey 101.5!

We'll see you again, as we broadcast LIVE from the "Quick Check NJ Festival of Ballooning," Saturday July 30th!