's not that kind of "fortune."

Rather, the "fortune" that comes in a "cookie."

I'm "fortune-ate" to get this "fortune." (Craig Allen photo).

I really like this latest "pearl of wisdom."

I would add, in all that you do, ALWAYS give your best!

And...keep a positive outlook (for some of my previous "positive tips," click here!).

It says "cookies." I feel cheated... (Craig Allen photo).

Hmm...I wonder what "fortune" THIS cookie will bring!

What "fortune" has been bestowed upon you? Chime in, below!

I once got a "fortune" that read: "Have tasty meal. Buy another."


I'm thinking this was more of a "push" to order more General Tso's Chicken, than a "fortune."

In any event, I'm happy with my latest "tasty morsel" of bestowed wisdom!

As to that other kind of fortune...the monetary kind that you were the saying goes: "You have to play to win."

"And may the odds be ever in your favor."