Summer "down the shore" in New can't beat it!

And, this being the first weekend of "Summer," New Jersey 101.5 is celebrating!

All weekend, we're giving YOU "Ride and Slide Passes" to Breakwater Beach Water Park and Casino Pier in Seaside Heights! you get set for all the fun to come, I'm thinking that it might be fun to take a musical journey back in time...back to the days when Jersey beach goers hit the sand...the boards...and all the rides...

Listening to my 1979 "paint can AM transistor radio"...that I took to the beach as a kid... (Melissa Jones photo).

...with transistor radios in hand!

Transistor radio from the late 1970's, or early 80's...that has FM, too! (Craig Allen photo).

Cell phones, pads and tablets fiction.

Here are just a few summer-fun themed "Golden Oldies" the top of my HITS from the days when AM radio was KING!

We've got to start our musical journey through time with Freddie "Boom Boom" Cannon...who immortalized Jersey's own "Palisades Park."

After enjoying the rides...maybe you'd like to stroll the boardwalk. The Drifters took the concept to another level...under.

How about a song that celebrates a time-tested boardwalk "activity?"

People the way it would be phrased today! Thanks, O'Kaysions!

How about this early rock 'n' roll gem...from a guy from the other side of the Delaware River, who's got a new tell-all book...

And, while its not exactly rock 'n' roll...its Cape May!

Hey, if you grew up watching Philly TV, you'll fondly remember Al Alberts!

And, just to remind you that summer-themed classics aren't "old,"

John Mellencamp wanted in on the "boardwalk action," and his version is one of "Jersey's Favorite Hits!"

Happy first weekend of Summer, New Jersey!

More Jersey Shore! (Craig Allen photo).

Enjoy the sand, surf, sun and fun...and all that Jersey has to offer...especially when you WIN your ride passes from New Jersey 101.5!