Thanks for coming out yesterday afternoon to "walk the boards"...

Lots of YOU on the Asbury Park Boardwalk! (Craig Allen photo).

...and say HELLO, as I broadcast LIVE from the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio!

The shore, and the Hermine-influenced waves, right behind the studio, at 2:30pm! (Craig Allen photo).

You never know who you'll meet in Asbury Park!

"Honorary Jay," Sam, Danny DeVito, and Jess! (NJ Prize Team photo).

Just minutes before I arrived....the Jersey Prize Team got to hang out with Danny DeVito! COOL!

I have the "Point" banner...Gino has the NJ101.5 mike... (NJ Prize Team Photo).

As the broadcast engineering connections were being made, I was hanging out with Gino D, from our sister station, 94.3 "The Point." They were broadcasting live from the boardwalk studio, til I took over at 3:00.

Check out the waves, at around 3:00! (Craig Allen photo).

As the afternoon stayed breezy...but skies went from Hermine-overcast... my seen from inside the remote broadcast studio! (Craig Allen photo). sunny! I wasn't kidding, as the above picture proves! I ALMOST put on my sunglasses!

Thanks again to you, our NJ101.5 listeners, for stopping by all afternoon to sing along with "Jersey's Favorite Hits" (especially the Bruce hits...after all its Asbury Park)...

Talking with my newest, youngest fan! (NJ Prize Team photo).

...and say Hi!

The show is "going to the birds!" (Craig Allen photo).

After the show ended at I was walking back to my car....

7pm "wave action" in Asbury Park! (Craig Allen photo).

...people were still having fun on the beach!