The rain stayed away...and we had fun in Asbury Park broadcasting the Saturday afternoon show!!

Entering the Asbury Park Boardwalk. (Craig Allen photo).

We had mixed sun and clouds...

"old Glory" waving in the breeze! (Craig Allen photo).

...and a comfortable breeze through the afternoon on the Asbury Park boardwalk!

"Beach Babies" and a boat... (Craig Allen photo).

Get your...

Short line...for now. (Craig Allen photo).

...beach pass. It's a "Jersey thing."

Join us! (NJ Prize Team photo).

Our live New Jersey 101.5 broadcast is...

Hi, Jade! (NJ Prize Team photo).

...also a "Jersey thing."  And, fun for all ages.

Do you want to be on the radio? (NJ Prize Team photo).

Did I see YOU?

Making Jade's dream come true. (NJ Prize Team photo).

Did I talk with you...

Thanks for stopping by! (NJ Prize Team photo).

...or sign a photo for you?

As I do the show, I watch you pass by on the "boards..."

Dancing along to New Jersey 101.5 music! (Craig Allen photo).

Or, I can always turn around for another great view!

The view from the boardwalk studio, as I turn around! (Craig Allen photo).

To my left...

Winning! (Craig Allen photo).'s fun and games with the Jersey Prize Team!

If you weren't able to join us for the broadcast this time, don't worry!

With "Promo Joe," and Matt and Natalie. (NJ Prize Team photo).

You can join me, and the Jersey Prize Team, on Sunday June 17th, "Father's Day,"  from 3-7pm!

"Roll your bod!" (Craig Allen photo).

Bring Dad for an afternoon of fun in the sun, in Asbury Park, with New Jersey 101.5!