Did I see YOU in Asbury Park yesterday afternoon during my live New Jersey 101.5 broadcast?

"Welcome to Asbury Park!" (Craig Allen photo).

In the aftermath of Friday night's torrential rain...

It's a "sea of humanity" enjoying the sun, and each other's company! (Craig Allen photo).

...we were presented with a "picture perfect" Saturday afternoon on the "boards!"

Brisk beach tag sales! (Craig Allen photo).

AND on the beach!

Beach umbrellas rule the afternoon! (Craig Allen photo).

As part of our New Jersey 101.5 "Jersey Shore Party Songs Weekend"...

Having fun in the "outdoor" studio! (NJ Prize Team photo).

I broadcast my afternoon show (3-7pm) LIVE from the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk studio!

And, as I am having fun "on the air"...

I can "people watch" out the front of the studio... (Craig Allen photo).
...or, turn and watch the beach action at my back! (Craig Allen photo).

The "Jersey Prize Team"...

Corey is in charge of the "fun and games!" (Craig Allen photo).

...is having fun with YOU...as you play games, and win...PRIZES!

And, I even catch "Promo Joe"...

A picture...of a picture being taken! (Craig Allen photo).

...documenting it ALL!

As always, I LOVE doing the show in Asbury Park...

I ALWAYS feel welcome here! (Craig Allen photo).

...playing "Jersey's Favorite Hits," and getting the chance to talk one-on-one...in person...with YOU, our wonderful, faithful New Jersey 101.5 listeners!

I'll be back, with the Jersey Prize Team...

(NJ Prize Team photo/screenshot).

...Labor Day weekend!

Once again, broadcasting LIVE from the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio.

I can't wait!!