Just in time to pick up "Back To School Supplies" for the kids...

The displays are up...and, I am being urged to buy...Halloween candy!

True, while its not quite Labor Day...if the past few years are an indicator, I expect to see my first "Halloween Store" any day now!

They usually start popping up around Labor Day...give or take a day.

That being said, my television presented me with my first "Christmas" commercial late Wednesday night!

December 25th...on August 17th! (Craig Allen photo).

Luckily, I had my iPad close by to document this...blessed event!

While there was no time to shoot video (so, I don't have audio), I can tell you that this commercial is selling Christmas Tree Lights.

In mid-August.


I guess.

On the other hand...had it been selling lights for a "Holiday Tree," I would have had to THROW something!

At the set.

Surely, I don't feel like having to afford a new television at this time...although a flat screen would be nice.


Dare I ask the jolly guy in red for a flat screen for "Holiday?"

Or, better yet, ask for it in combination with my December 25th birthday, which would then, of necessity, be called "Holiday Day."

Don't get me started!

It's too early in the "season" for a confrontation...over words....

I'm SERIOUS! (Craig Allen photo).

...or is it?

By the way...would you care to start an "Over/Under" ...

Christmas Trees...NOT "Holiday Trees." (Craig Allen photo).

...on when we'll first see this?