"When In Rome" is a 1980's British New Wave group, that has scored one of "Jersey's Favorite Hits!"

"When In Rome" emerged from the ashes of Clive Farrington's Manchester-based band "Beau Leisure." Michael Floreale and Andy O'Connell were recruited to replace departed members of the former band, in 1987.

Soon, Floreale and Farrington were writing songs together.

Andrew Mann, a beat poet, was invited to join the band...and O'Connell left the new band.

The remaining trio, sometimes with help from Mann's friend Corinne Drewery, recorded demos while hoping for a recording deal.

When In Rome was signed by "10 Records," a subsidiary of "Virgin UK."

Record Producers Ben Rogan (who had worked with Sade), and Richard James Burgess took interest in the band's song "The Promise."

"The Promise" first hit the airwaves and record stores as a 12 inch dance single.

When the song hit the top of Billboard's Dance Club Play chart,

"When In Rome" 1988. (Craig Allen photo).

Virgin Records insisted on a When In Rome album.

The remixed version of "The Promise" was an instant hit, just missing out on the Top 10 in New Jersey! (#11/1988).

Months later, a second single, "Heaven Knows" (#95/1990) was barely noticed.

When In Rome, back cover. (Craig Allen photo).

Subsequent releases were also ignored...and When In Rome broke up in 1990.

Michael Floreale now lives in Dallas, where he composes music for films and TV.

And, as happens in the rock and roll world, the end of a band is not always the end...

In the case of When In Rome, there are separate bands that can lay claim to the name and the music!

Floreale reformed When In Rome in 2006, along with singer/songwriter John Ceravolo. This When In Rome tours the U.S. and South America with other 80's rock groups. In addition, Floreale trademarked the band's name.

Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann reformed the band in 2009, under the name "When In Rome UK." In order not to infringe on Floreale's trademark, when playing here in the United States, the British version of the band is billed as "Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann formerly of When In Rome."

Put that on a marquee...

In the meantime, enjoy "The Promise," one of Jersey's Favorite Hits, here at nj1015.com, and on New Jersey 101.5!

You will enjoy it..."promise."