As we celebrate "Valentines Day," I feel its only appropriate to shine our musical spotlight on group calling themselves the "Emotions."They have a timely name...and a distinction that you may not be award of: Like the Jacksons, Tavares, the Sylvers, the DeFranco Family, and more, the Emotions are a "family group!

From Chicago, the Emotions are three sisters: Wanda, Sheila and Jeanette Hutchinson.

They first worked as a child gospel group called the "Heavenly Sunbeams."

They quit gospel in 1968, to become the Emotions.

While the sisters had a few hits on the R&B/Soul chart, and a few songs place in the upper ranges of the Hot 100 chart as early as 1969, their biggest success came upon their association with Maurice White from Earth, Wind & Fire.

White knew the sisters in his pre-Earth, Wind & Fire days, when he was the drummer for the Emotions, as they played the Chicago area clubs.

With White's assistance, the Emotions released the albums "Flowers" in 1976, "Rejoice" in 1977, and "Sunbeam" in 1978.

White, and Clarence McDonald, co-produced "Best Of My Love," which hit #1 and stayed there for 5 weeks in 1977. At the time, this was a record for a female group!

"Best Of My Love" won the 1977 Grammy Award for "Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance by a Group."

Wanda hits the high notes in "Best Of My Love." Maurice White had her sing an octave higher than she was used to. She is quoted as saying: "When my range got higher, the intensity of my vibrato sharpened a little."

Jeanette left the group in 1977, to have her second child.

The youngest Hutchinson daughter, Pamela, joined the Emotions in the studio, recording the Rejoice album, and she toured with the group.  Jeanette would return in 1978.

Once more, the Earth, Wind & Fire association made all the difference for the Emotions:

"Boogie Wonderland" was a #6 record in 1979, and is credited on the label as "Earth, Wind & Fire with the Emotions."

The Emotions continued to record together throughout the 1980's, and was even briefly signed with Motown Records.

The sisters' last recording to date is from 1996. "The Emotions LIVE" was released on their own label, "Sunbeam Records."

You can still see this performance from time to time during PBS pledge drive reruns: Wanda, Sheila and Pamela performing "The Best Of My Love" in 2004.

From my collection... (Craig Allen photo).

Wanda, Sheila and Pamela continue to perform as the Emotions, making personal appearances.

Check out the Emotions official website by clicking here! Yes, it needs some updating.....but is interesting nonetheless...