The rock band "Smash Mouth" formed in San Jose, California, in 1994.

They have two of "Jersey's Favorite Hits," but that is to come...

Album covers from the "Greatest Hits" liner notes. (Craig Allen photo).

Smash Mouth started out as: Steve Harwell (vocals), Kevin Coleman (drums), Greg Camp (guitar), and Paul De Lisle (bass).

Originally, Harwell was in a rap group called "F.O.S." Then, he and his manager (Kevin Coleman) decided to forma a rock band. Coleman knew Camp and De Lisle, from a local punk band. He got all the guys together, and joined in on drums. After rehearsing together, they decided to officially form a band, and named it "Smashmouth," a football term.

In the early years, the band adopted a "ska punk" sound, and got some airplay on a San Jose radio station.

Interscope records signed the band, and put out their debut album, "Fush Yu Mang," in 1997. At this time, the band changed their name from one word to two: "Smash Mouth."

The debut album eventually went double platinum, thanks in part to the breakout hit "Walkin' On The Sun." (#2 /1997). It went to #1 on the adult hits and alternative charts!

Smash Mouth's second album, "Astro Lounge" hit record store shelves in 1999. The album had more of a "pop" sound. The album went triple platinum!

The lead-off single, "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby," went to #27 on the pop charts, #14 on the adult hits chart.

"Astro Lounge" was just getting started:

"All Star," one of Jersey's Favorite Hits, went to #4  in 1999! It hit #1 on the adult chart, and #2 on the alternative chart.

"Then the Morning Comes" also hit the airwaves in 1999! (#11/1999). #2 on the adult hits chart.

"The East Bay Sessions," a collection of early work by the band, was released in 1999.

Kevin Coleman would leave Smash Mouth at this time, citing back problems.

2001 brought the release of Smash Mouth's cover version of the Monkees' classic:

"I'm A Believer"

Radio-only promotional CD. (Craig Allen photo).

The song was included on the "Shrek" movie soundtrack, and on the self-title "Smash Mouth" album. It was a # 25 record on the Hot 100 pop chart...but #4 on the adult chart. "I'm A Believer" is the last Smash Mouth song (to date) to get Top-40 airplay...

"Pacific Coast Party" was released to the Adult Pop radio audience (#23/2001).

Radio-only promotional CD. (Craig Allen photo).

This (adult) song did not crack the Hot 100...

Later in 2001, Smash Mouth appeared as themselves in the climactic scene of the "Rat Race" movie! (Some of which you can see above).

Smash Mouth's "Get The Picture?" album came out in 2003...and the songs released as singles ("You Are My Number One," "Hang On," and "Always Gets Her Way") performed poorly. The band was dropped by Interscope records.

Greatest Hits. (Craig Allen photo).

"All Star Smash Hits," a compilation CD (seen above) was released in 2005, with the band's signing to the Universal Records label.

In December 2005, Smash Mouth released a Christmas album, "Gift Of Rock."  This holly jolly collection included the original song "Baggage Claim," and cover versions of Christmas songs done by other bands, like the Kinks and the Ramones.

From 2006 to the present day, change is the operative word for Smash Mouth, as band members would come and go...and some would later return...and the band would change record labels again...

The albums "Summer Girl" (2005-2006), and "Magic" (2012) would be released...but be ignored by Top-40 radio...

So far, Smash Mouth has released 7 studio albums, 2 compilation albums, 17 singles, accompanied by 13 music videos!

Smash Mouth, with a fluctuating lineup (Harwell and De Lisle remain), is still here to see what they are up to now!