The band Pablo Cruise formed in San Francisco in 1973. They would go on to score hits in the late 1970's and in early part of the "Big Decade."

The new band was comprised of members of two area bands: "Stoneground" and "It's A Beautiful Day."

Cory Lerios played keyboards, and handled vocals, David Jenkins added vocals, and played guitar. Steve Price was the drummer. Bud Cockrell rounded out the group on bass and vocals.

As you can plainly read: no one in this band is named Pablo...or Cruise.

When asked about "Pablo Cruise," the four guys would say "He's the guy in the middle."  As to what "Pablo Cruise" means, stories in the press at the time stated: "Pablo represents an honest, real, down to earth individual; and Cruise depicts his fun loving and easy going attitude towards life."

The band's first album, the self-named "Pablo Cruise" was barely the band's first single "Island Woman" couldn't even crack the "Hot 100." It stopped at #105 (1975).

There were no other charting hits from this album, or the band's second album, entitled "Lifeline." Now, its 1976, and this band founded on a "fun loving, easy going attitude" just kept going! Never mind that the going was rough up to this point!

Pablo Cruise's breakout album, 1977. (Craig Allen photo).

1977's "A Place In The Sun" was just what band needed...acceptance in mainstream music, and some HITS! A BREAKTHROUGH!

"Whatcha Gonna Do" got the radio airplay it needed in 1977, to scream up the charts.

Its climb to #1 stopped at #6.

"A Place In The Sun (#42/1977), and...

"Never Had A Love" (#87/1978), were enjoyable (album) "afterthoughts."

As the band was enjoying its initial success, Bud Cockrell left the fold, and was replaced by Bruce Day, in 1977.

The next album, 1978. (Craig Allen photo).

The album "Worlds Away" would yield more Pablo Cruise hits in 1978!

Like the band's first hit, "Love Will Find A Way" took a 7-week run at the charts, and landed at #6...a year to the week, apart!

"Don't Want To Live Without It" was the next single (#21/1978).

"I Go To Rio" went to #46 in the last year of the decade...

Ping-Pong anyone? Its a radio-only promo copy! (Craig Allen photo).

The "Part Of The Game" album would hit record store shelves...

And, "I Want You Tonight" was playing as the decade ended...a #19 record (1979).

A "mini-poster" included in the "Part Of The Game" album...showing the 1979 Pablo Cruise lineup. (Craig Allen photo).

The new decade brought more personnel changes for the band Pablo Cruise. This time, Day would leave, and he would be replaced by session bassist John Pierce. Guitarist Angelo Rossi would join the lineup in 1980.

Vintage 1981 vinyl. Once, it lived in the studio of a New Jersey Top-40 station. I rescued it from the discard pile in the late 1980's! (Craig Allen photo).

The "Reflector" album would come out in 1981.

"Cool Love" would be Pablo Cruise's last Top-20 record, landing at #13 in 1981.

"Slip Away" did just that, stalling out at #75 (1981).

At this time, there would be more lineup changes...a tour...and the 1983 album "Out Of Our Hands" struggled to sell.

The single "Will You, Won't You," didn't (#107/1983).

New members, like Danny Baldwin, David Perper, Stef Burns, and Jorge Bermudez would come and the end of 1984. The popularity of "new wave" music would leave Pablo Cruise struggling to sell albums.

In 1985, the four founding members of the band reunited, hoping to secure a record deal...but it wasn't to be!

Pablo Cruise called it quits in 1986...with the members now free to to pursue their own projects in and out of music.


In 1996, David Jenkins and Bud Cockrell reunited as Pablo Cruise. Due to his busy schedule, Cory Lerios was unable to re-join. Ditto, Steve Price.  So, keyboardist Kincaid Miller was brought in, along with drummer Kevin Wells. Percussionist James Henry joined the band in 1999. A second guitar player, Ken Emerson was recruited in 2002, along with (briefly) two backup singers! Caroline and Renita added "stage presence." Drummer Billy Johnson sat in with the band, briefly, in 2002.

In 2004, all four original Pablo Cruise members reunited at Steve Price's wedding...with Jenkins, Lerios and Price...deciding to get back together permanently. Bassist George Gabriel would join the band, also lending his vocal talents. He would stay til 2009.

Former Air Supply member Larry Antonio replaced Gabriel, in 2010.

2011 brought the release of the first Pablo Cruise LIVE album!

"It's Good To Be Live" includes an in-concert CD and DVD.

Sadly, former bassist Bruce Day died in 1999. Bud Cockrell passed in 2010.

In the meantime, Pablo Cruise continues to tour...mainly in the California area.

Check out their official website, by clicking here!